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Do you want to change the username of your Facebook page?

Facebook usernames are designed to allow users to easily find people or pages from among the billions of profiles and Facebook pages that exist on the massive social media platform.

When you create an account on Facebook, Facebook automatically creates a username, and it can be anything. Changing your Facebook username is very easy.

Today in this article I will tell you how to change username of Facebook page.

Note: If you want to change your Facebook username, do so carefully. Once you change your current username, you can’t use your old username again, as each username can only be used once. .

What is Facebook Page Username

A Facebook Page username is a unique name that cannot be reused once used. When you open your Facebook page, you see @xyz written below your Facebook page name which is the username of the Facebook page.

Finding your new friend’s Facebook Page account on Facebook is like finding a needle in a field full of haystack. But when you use his username, it becomes a little easier to find his Facebook page.

Anyone can access the Facebook page through the username and search and visit the page. Apart from this, if someone wants to mention the Facebook page, then for this also the Facebook page username is required.

how to change your facebook username

When you create a Facebook account, your profile or Page is automatically assigned a username consisting of your name and number. It only appears in the URL of your Facebook profile that you can send to people so that they can find you on Facebook.

Here below are the steps how you can change your Facebook username…

how to change facebook username

You can change your Facebook username, but be careful because Facebook only allows you to use each unique username once.

In addition, the username you choose may not contain extensions or common words such as .com or .org. Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters and periods, and must be at least five characters long and comply with Facebook’s Terms.

Open Facebook on your computer and click the drop-down arrow in the top right of your Facebook home page, and then tap Settings & Privacy.

Next, select Settings.

Then select Username. Type your new username, and then click Save Changes.

How to change your Facebook page username

If you have a Facebook Page and want to change its username, you can do so, but you must be a Page admin, and must comply with the Facebook Terms.

Note: Sometimes you want a special username name, but it is not available. It could be because that username has already been taken by a page.

Go to your Facebook Page whose username you want to change and click on Create Page @username or click on Profile of your Facebook Page then tap on Settings & Privacy.

Then click on Settings.

Now enter a new username and then click on Save Changes.

how to change facebook page name

If you have a Facebook Page and you want to change its name, you are allowed to do so provided you are the Page admin. Changing the name of the page does not affect its username.

Note: If the page is not an official page of an organization, brand, public figure or place, you cannot use the word “official”.

Go to the home page of your Facebook page and click on Profile then tap on Settings & Privacy.

Then click on Settings.

Enter a new page name and then click Save Changes.

why facebook page name is not changing

  • If the option to edit the page name is not there, check whether the page roll you have on hand allows you to change the name. Page role includes Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser and Analyst. When you create a Page on Facebook, you automatically become its Admin, so you can make any changes to the Page.
  • If you or another admin recently renamed the page, or if page limits have been set, the option may also disappear.
  • If the name change is approved, you will not be able to change the name again or unpublish the page for seven days.

Today in this post I told you how to change user name of Facebook page. I hope you have changed the username of your Facebook page after reading this post. A small request If this article has proved to be helpful for you, then do not forget to share it.

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