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What’s a Freelancer and how it works

What’s Freelancer ?

Meaning– Freelancer is a solopreneur which works for many companies on the behalf of relevant skills. In other word, Freelancer is part time worker for a company which take projects on daily basis individually.


Who can do freelancing ?

Everyone can do freelancing, Freelancer is like a businessman Which take tasks from many companies according to their skills. A fix time and money will decide by him and company bring task for him. In other words, Freelancer give paid help to someone who proved to be beneficial for him. Now Everything is going to be digitally no one can tied in their office and work under a fixed company or under a fixed salary. Company also change their business strategy now it want freelancers for different-different tasks because it beneficial for company also.

Benefits of Freelancing –


Freelancing have many benefits which encourage you to do freelancing.

  • You can take Break Whenever you want.
  • Choose your projects on the behalf of your interest.
  • You have several sources or opportunities of income.
  • No fixed Hour – Mean you can do anytime
  • Choose your workload according to your choice and mindset Never wait for your salary

 Job’s option for freelancing


what's a freelancer

  1. Blog writer
  2. Article writer
  3. Friction writer
  4. E-book writer
  5. Web content writer
  6. Copywriter
  7. Writing translator
  8. Text editor
  9. Press release writer
  10. Ghost writer
  11. Legal writer
  12. Resume & cover letter writer
  13. Transcription writer
  14. Technical writer
  15.  Academic writer

Designing –

what's a freelancer

  1. logo designer
  2. Photoshop Editor
  3. Website Mock-up Designer
  4. Photo editor
  5. Photo retouching
  6. Poster and adds designer
  7. Icon Designer
  8. Book cover designer
  9. T-shirts Designer
  10. Infographic designer
  11. CAD designer
  12. Vector Designer
  13. Wedding album designer
  14. Cartoon Artist
  15. Vector artist
  16. Oil painter
  17. Digital artist
  18. Brochure designer
  19. Print designer
  20. Concept Designer

 Web Development  –

what's a freelancer

  1. Front-End Designer
  2.  Back-end developer
  3. UI and UX designer
  4. Plugin developer
  5. WordPress expert
  6. Web front Designer
  7. Bug fixing
  8. Server Administrator

Consulting –

what's a freelancer

  1. Financial advisor
  2. Legal advisor
  3. SEO consultant
  4. Health & Fitness consultant
  5. Parenting advisor
  6. Fitness advisor
  7. Career advisor
  8. HR consultant
  9. Strategy consultant
  10. Technology consultant
  11. Public relation consultant
  12. Marketing consultant
  13. Social media consultant
  14. Investment consultant

 Audio Production –

what's a freelancer

  1. Voice over artist
  2. Audio editor
  3. Audio Translator
  4. Music Production
  5. Record podcast ads

Virtual Assistance –

what's a freelancer

  1. Virtual assistance
  2. Data entry
  3. Marketing Strategist
  4. Social Media manager
  5. live chat Agent
  6. Recruitment Agent
  7. Customer support Representative
  8. Book keeping
  9. Technical Assistance

Marketing –

Digital marketing

  1. Presentation Designer
  2. Online Advertising expert
  3. Social media editor
  4. E-mail designer
  5. E-mail outreach
  6. Traffic generation
  7. lead generator
  8. Keywords researcher
  9. PR submission
  10. Market Researcher
  11. Branding Services
  12. Content Strategist
  13. Product Reviewer

Other –


  1. Data analyst
  2. Document Creator
  3. Help gaming
  4. cooking lessons
  5. Makeup lessons
  6. User testing
  7. Photographer
  8. Private tutor
  9. Pet trainer
  10. Computer Training
  11. Child care

Tips and tricks –

  • You don’t need any certification to do freelancing so focused on your skills and practical work.
  • Don’t skip your job or business for freelancing you can do it as a part time job.
  • Create your fanbase on Freelancing projects and social media.
  • Always hold a copy of your project this show your work experience and customer trust to new customer.

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