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This blog will not only clear your doubts regarding all the queries and confusion about a digital marketing career but also provide important information and answer on how to become a successful digital marketer in India.

Nowadays, digital marketing is gaining so much popularity- thanks to its ability to supercharge the business potential. It also ensures better career growth for beginners as well as experienced professionals.

It has also found new wings in the post-covid world.

Though Covid-19 has been the prime reason behind the economic crisis of many companies, it has paved the path for digital marketing channels to dominate the world of marketing and advertising.

As a matter of fact, the e-commerce giant Amazon is making profits during these tough times with its stock AMZN reaching all-time highs.

Digital marketing is immune to the COVID-19 social distancing consequences, plus it is abundant with metrics that you can use to track all your steps, streamline your processes and optimize them to affect your KPIs in the most result-driven manner possible.

There are so many different marketing opportunities and career options that have opened pretty recently. Thus we can say without a doubt that the scope of digital marketing courses is going to be pretty great for people these days.

Let’s have a look at the number of digital marketing jobs available

Digital Marketing Jobs

But before actually dealing with the scope of digital marketing in the future, we are going to know what it is in the first place.

Scope of Digital Marketing Career in India in 2023

Nowadays, with the world becoming tech-savvy, the demand for digital marketing is skyrocketing. It is necessary to understand its importance on a broader scale.

Companies are recognizing it and brands are getting highly focused on digital marketing and how they can benefit from it.

The scope of digital marketing is huge, and it is a platform best suited for promotions and branding businesses. With people of almost all age groups being highly active on digital interfaces, it gets quite easy to reach large numbers and promote.

Analyzing these stats, there are now digital marketing training institutes to spread awareness of digital marketing and its anticipated possibilities to aspirants.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing revolves around the marketing channels that are entirely online.

Well, when you are using some ads to promote the products that you have, it is digital marketing!


When you are posting something on the internet for your business, it is again digital marketing!


When you are using your mobile phone or any other device to access the internet and using it to engage with the clients and customers that you have, it is digital marketing!

So, digital marketing can be defined as the online marketing of the products and the services of any particular company that has been established. This can be used with the help of mobile devices and so much more.

We all know that there is a pretty common challenge that businesses have to face these days. Getting the attention of the audience and people to whom they want to appeal is not that easy. Hence, the importance of digital marketing is increasing day by day for sure.

Not to mention that businesses always want to convert some of the potential prospects that they have into paying customers for their services. While there are different methods to capture the audience, none of them work as fast and effectively as digital marketing for sure.

While there are other methods such as paid advertisement, social media and so much more, we cannot deny the scope of digital marketing and the importance that it has. But what exactly is digital marketing, do you think?

Creating websites, gaining traffic, making pages, optimizing them for searches, and so much more is just a simple part of the entire process of digital marketing. We all know that every single person on the internet has got a proper website for sure. So, knowing about the scope of digital marketing in the future is important in the best way.

The people want to ensure that they have a chance to rank well in the searches for their websites. Digital marketing can be the ultimate help that they need to have in the first place. That is one of the main reasons why digital marketing is considered to be an important tool for the people out there.

The world of digital marketing can be pretty exciting and fun for sure. Not to mention that it is pretty complex as well. Different strategies are used and marketing campaigns are taken into effect to get the best results with digital marketing.

Strategies such as Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and so much more are important parts of the entire digital marketing concept for the business and the users as well.

There are detailed processes such as website creation, lead generating, brand awareness creation, online presence increase, and so many others that take place in the entire scope of digital marketing in India and other countries as well.

It wouldn’t be a very bad idea if online businesses these days tend to harness the power of digital marketing for sure. The related strategies are going to work in the best way for sure. With the help of the new and amazing trends, the scope of digital marketing in India and globally can be enhanced as well.

Let us now delve deep into the world of digital marketing career options and understand how can think to make their future in digital marketing jobs :

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Now that you know how important digital marketing is, you are all set to know the scope that it has in the country for sure.

Across India, the market size of the digital advertising industry was around 47 Billion in 2015. It went up to INR 116.3 in 2018, and in the 2020 financial year, it reached INR 199 billion.

market size of digital advertising industry

According to Statista, a colossal growth of digital marketing will make it hit and create a market up to INR 539 billion by the year 2024.

Some other trends also suggest that Digital media is expected to grow with a CAGR of 22.47 percent to reach INR 23,673 crores by 2022 end.

In addition, the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report suggests that the digital economy has the potential to unlock productivity and would create 60-65 million new jobs by 2025.

All these statistics reveal that a vast amount of money is injected into all the digital channels. As a result, the activities of digital marketing are used immensely.

For conducting all the activities fluently, the industry requires skilled experts to do that. These positive statistics show an inspiring career in digital marketing.

We can safely say without any doubt why just India- Digital marketing is doing a lot well in the amazing parts of the world for sure.

We all know that our country is currently going digital and there has been a lot of change in the marketing methods as well.

The population of youth in India is humungous, and in addition to this, every day today is associated with social media. Thus, targeting the Indian audience through digital marketing channels is easy and more beneficial.

With the initiative of “Digital India” proposed by the Prime Minister of India, more and more jobs are oozing out for the youth to make this initiative a success.

With the help of the latest developments, the scope of digital marketing in India has increased.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing in India in 2023

With the advancement of digital marketing, careers in this arena are flourishing a lot. The sphere of digital marketing career is high these days.

In the portal, says around 21,873 jobs in the genre of digital marketing are available. There is no doubt a cheerful number of job availability in India. So it’s safe to select a career in digital marketing.

Is Digital Marketing a good career option in India?

Two of the key deciding factors are the handsome salary packages and exponential career growth opportunities.

Here it is important to understand that the professionals who opt for Digital Marketing Career enjoy a better salary package compared to other career options.

Below you can see the approximate range of Digital Marketing salaries :

digital marketing salaries

In addition to this, the salary package of Digital Marketing Experts with exceptional educational backgrounds (e.g. IIT/IIM) or professional experience who are in the senior position at the high growth startups may go beyond INR 1 Crore annual salary.

Who should opt for a Digital Marketing Career?

The digital marketing industry offers various career options to persons who have particular subject interests. It has something or the other for every person.

For example, if a person’s passion and love are social media, then that person may choose to become a social media marketing expert. On the other hand, if a techie is captivated by coding, becoming a web developer is the best option.

Choices are abundant for the people who have a longing for a creative field. Content writing can be a good option for those who have strength in writing.

If someone is interested in the designing genre, a career in graphic designing is the best choice for them. People with analytical minds can become Data analysts.

Digital Marketing Skills In Demand

Around 93% of all online communication and interaction begins through search engines. It shows how much the necessity of SEO-friendly content is there, which will help it to rank well on Google and other search engines.

Ranking websites at the peak of all the search engines organically and through paid means are a good form of advertising for businesses. If a person is proficient in skills such as SEO and SEM, it can elevate the site’s ranking on all the search engines.

Some of the demanding digital marketing skills are :

  1. SEO
  2. SMO
  3. SMM
  4. Paid media
  5. Video Production and Marketing
  6. Data analytics
  7. Content marketing
  8. Graphic design
  9. Pay per click (PPC)
  10. Inbound marketing
  11. Conversion rate optimization
  12. Growth hacking
  13. Business analytics, etc.

Now we understand that a career is one of the most important things that people seem to worry about these days.

If you are concerned about the career that you are going to have after doing some amazing courses on digital marketing, we can assure you that you don’t have to worry about a thing in that matter.

The scope of a digital marketing course is such that people can have so many amazing job opportunities in their entire life of career in the best way.

There are options for people to become digital marketing specialists for the company.

You can also choose to become an SEO expert. There are some other marketing jobs that you can also apply for and that too online.

Doesn’t that seem like such an amazing idea? With the help of digital marketing, you will be welcomed into a new world.

A world that is filled to the brim with possibilities and options that you can try out for yourself.

Not to mention that you are going to have a pretty high income as well.

Professionals who deal with digital marketing services have a pretty hefty income.

So, the future is set for those who want to practice the amazing tips of digital marketing in the best way. We are here to tell you that if you choose to do that then you are going to be one of the luckiest people for sure.

Top Career Options in Digital Marketing

The digital marketing industry offers standard career opportunities not only for professionals but also for freshers. Have a look at the positions:

1) Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager formulates and executes the digital presence of a business. They promote the product and services of a brand to increase sales in a cost-effective way.

The responsibilities of the Digital Marketing Manager are:

  • Managing marketing team
  • Reporting to VP or head
  • Planning events and campaigns for digital marketing

2) Search Engine Optimizer

A search engine optimizer deals with SEO and analyzes, reviews, and optimizes the websites with organic techniques of SEO. Developing content with positive and relevant keywords for elevating website traffic is a skill of Search engine optimizers. One must remain updated about the latest trends and changes in the search engines.

3) Social media marketer

Social media marketing is about managing a brand’s digital presence in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. A social media marketer is an expert in designing and implementing a social media strategy for a business. What a social media marketer does are:

  • Builds content according to a strategy
  • Posts the content
  • Track the metrics such as reach, like, and impressions.

4) Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing experts take care of the paid ads throughout the search engines. One possessing analytical skills can choose this career option. SEM experts implement the following:

  • Ad campaigns
  • budgets
  • Targeting
  • Bidding
  • Writing spellbinding copies

5) Content Marketer

Content is the king of digital media. Content marketing requires creating content for the digital world.

Content creation can be done in the following forms:

  • Videos
  • articles
  • blogs
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media content

Some other career opportunities in digital marketing are:

  1. Email marketer
  2. Content creator for Virtual reality and augmented reality
  3. SEO experts for Voice assistants
  4. automation specialist
  5. Paid media expert
  6. Web developer
  7. Data Analyst, etc.

How to start a career in Digital Marketing in India

If one plans to start a career in digital marketing, it is easy to do that. You can follow the following steps to begin a rewarding career in digital marketing.:

Register in a digital marketing course

A little bit of technical knowledge and the ability to communicate and calculate the aftermath of campaigns can help you receive the best knowledge in this arena. Online courses and offline courses are available to register and start learning digital marketing.

Get knowledge and Experience through Internships

There is no substitution for an internship. It is beneficial as it makes you learn more about practically digital marketing
Give effort to your portfolio –

In a portfolio, a person needs to record all the work done in digital marketing. The impressions, like, ranking, engagement rate, everything counts.

Creating a solid online presence

One needs to form a personal brand as a marketer in digital marketing.

Making a good resume to encash the scope of digital marketing in 2022

The resume is the most vital part of the journey of landing a dream digital marketing post. The resume must contain all relevant experiences in the respective field.

Landing for the best job

With all the things above-set, one can surely get a good salaried job in digital marketing.

The Future of Digital Marketing

Now as we have established how important the scope of digital marketing in the future is, we are all set to see what is in store for the people who will be practicing the strategies and amazing tips of digital marketing in the future.

You all currently know that digital marketing is all that we have these days.

The traditional methods of marketing are not very much in use and more people are invested in the world online. So, digital marketing can be considered one of the best trends for the future.

With the advancement of technology, there are new and latest developments that have taken place in the world for sure. Artificial Intelligence is one of the trends that has taken a booming leap in the world of marketing.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, businesses, and brands these days can know exactly what they want to have. This has given a boost to the scope of digital marketing in the world as well. Shortly, we might even get to see this field take some giant strides in the world with the help of Artificial Intelligence for sure.

There is another new advancement that has taken place and that is the introduction of Voice search for the people. Customers are now able to make sure that they don’t have to type the things that they want to know about or purchase. That has also led to numerous strides in the field of digital marketing for sure.

The more these companies know about the needs and requirements of the people, the more they will be able to cater to the needs that they have.

Digital marketing efforts can be strengthened in the best way as well. Doesn’t that all seem to maximize the scope of digital marketing in the future?

Apart from the massive job opportunities, there is the flexibility to work.

The set of skills and tools required for its expertise is basic.

The key feature is that it is not limited to several job areas, new, creative, and varied fields are evolving, be it becoming an influencer, a YouTuber, an executive, or an SEO analyst, whatsoever.

The scope of digital marketing in the future is showing numbers and huge success rates because not only it increase the employment rate, but the profiles are high paid, thus, even benefiting the economy of the country.


So, there you have it, people. That is all we have to tell you about the scope of digital marketing.

We have mentioned how important this amazing trend is for online businesses these days.

Also, we have managed to provide an explanation of why it is important to try and use digital marketing methods in online businesses as well.

Undoubtedly, the demand for digital marketing is at its peak, and it is only going to increase in the coming years

It is possibly one of the best uses of technology, and media that is leading to better employment rates.

Hence, the scope of digital marketing is not confined anymore.

With the growing need and demand for digital marketing everywhere, there is a need to develop skills and acquire knowledge of the subject.

So, some training centers are set up, and online digital marketing courses and certifications are available.

More than 50% of professionals think that certification has led them to a new and better job.

Thus, the scope of digital marketing courses will continue to outshine in the future as well. Workshops, webinars, and academies, all of these are curated to get the most out of the subject.

Make sure that you gain all the knowledge and information that you need before stepping into the amazing world of digital marketing.


1) Is Digital Marketing a promising career in India?

The recruiting trends of several companies show growing requirements in recruiting professionals in the digital marketing industry with skill sets. A study says that people of India spend around 4-5 hours each day on the Internet. All the statistics and numbers indicate that a digital marketing career is safe and rewarding.

2) How much does a digital marketer earn in India?

The average remuneration for a Manager in the Digital Marketing industry is around Rs 8 Lakhs per annum in India. A well-experienced digital marketing manager can earn around Rs 15 lakhs per annum in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and the Bangalore area.

3.) Where can I learn Digital Marketing Skills?

There are so many digital marketing courses available for online and classroom training and certifications.

As per the recommendations of the industry experts, Digital Vidya’s Certified Digital Marketing course is considered the best to learn the digital marketing skills that the industry demands.

With 15 certifications, hands-on digital marketing assignments, self-paced/personalized online training, and full placement support, they empower digital marketing professionals to be ready to fulfill market demands.

4) How can I start a career in digital marketing in India?

Follow the given ten steps to begin a career in digital marketing :

1) Learn the fundamental of digital marketing
2) Begin a website of your own
3) Be an SEO specialist
4) Get a certification of Google ads
5) Gain knowledge in Facebooks ads advertising
6) Be a specialist in google analytic
7) Do a job in digital marketing as a freelancer
8) Get a good internship
9) Learn all the digital marketing tools
10) remain updated about the latest trends in digital marketing

5) What are the career opportunities in Digital Marketing in India in 2022?

The career opportunities of digital marketing in India are :

1) Digital Marketing Manager
2) Social Media Manager
3) Brand Manager
4) Online Content Developer
5) Search Engine Optimization Expert
6) Business Analytics Specialist
7) Web Designer
8) Mobile Marketing Specialist
9) Professional Blogger
10) Email Marketer