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How To Increase Blog Traffic WordPress

How To Increase Blog Traffic-

Ways to extend traffic to your blog. Firstly you must have read many of your blogs, on which how to increase blog traffic will be written and some methods will also be told. I know you must be tired of reading the same methods over and over again. But today I will tell you not only the methods but also its importance with it and how to use it. So let’s know again……

1) User Friendly Design-

Importance : At the start of blogging, the foremost important thing for us is to make knowledgeable looking blog design. Its also mention this in my previous post how to start blogging .
You might not know that human beings first judge anything by its looks, and professional bloggers know this very well. It has also been told during a study that 38% of tourists leave your blog without reading it because its design isn’t attractive. That’s why make your blog user friendly.

How to make blog design user friendly? :-

• Use a fast loading theme like Generate Press or Astra .
• Make blog design simple and easy.
• Don’t show unnecessary links on the blog.
• So Don’t show excessive ads on the blog.
• Be sure to feature links to all or any the pages and categories of the blog within the navigation menu. So that it is easy for the user to reach them.
• Do not use too many colors on the blog, but use only your main 1-2 colors.
• In the sidebar of the blog, select the option of the latest post so that the user does not miss any post. This will reduce your bounce rate.

2) Proper Keyword research-

Importance : If you have designed your blog well, then after that you have to focus on Repost. But keep in mind that you do complete keyword research on the topic on which you want to write the post.
Because the topic on which you are going to write a post, on which no one searches, then all your hard work is going to go into the water and you will get a lot of traffic.
If you want to know well about Keyword Research, what is our post Keyword Research , must read…

How to do Keyword Research :-

• Search the topic on Google itself and see its related posts.
• Google search suggestion also helps you to search keywords.
• Use free keyword research tools like keyword planner and Ubersuggest.
• Use Advance SEO tools like Semrush and KW Finder , this will help you to do advanced keyword research.
• Always try to write posts on long tail keywords only.
• Select only those keywords whose search value is high but the competition is minimum.

3) High Quality Content-

Importance: The most important thing any blogger has is his content. If you would like to go away your competition behind, then you’ve got to stay your content top quality .
The bounce rate and returning users are very important for the ranking of the blog. The more users who visit your blog again, the message goes to Google that there is great high quality content on this blog.
If your content is not good then users will not visit your blog again, due to which your visitors will start working daily.
That’s why put the most attention on your content. Below i’m getting to tell you that…..

How to write high quality content on blog?

• First of all, do complete research on the topic and collect as much data as possible.
• Avoid writing long paragraphs in the content and write the content in short paragraphs.
• Use H1-H6 heading in the content so that the user can understand your content better.
• Make sure to use photos and infographics in the content.
• Give correct and complete information in the content.
• Do not make the content boring by trying to write more words.
• Write contents exactly as we explain it as face-to-face to someone.
• Use words with conversion tone in the content like me, we and you.
• Use social media properly

Importance of social media :

See, the traffic is not only on Google, but there are many other such platforms, here every day crores of people visit in a day. Such platforms are called social media.
Today, millions of people visit big social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter every day. For example, 100 million peoples are using Facebook. In this situation, you have to pay attention to this social media also.
Below I am going to tell you how traffic can be brought from social media….

How to bring traffic from Social Media?

• First of all create your account on social media.
• Create a page related to your blog.
• Start putting daily posts on the page, in order that people will start visiting your page.
• Do share every post of your blog on these pages.
• Find the people related to the topic of your blog and answer all their questions.
• Be sure to add the link to the blog on social media profiles and pages.
Try to win the hearts of people on social media. Means build trust, this trust is most useful for people to comment on your post and share your post.

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