You are currently viewing New Digital Gramin Seva / Digital Seva Portal 2021

New Digital Gramin Seva / Digital Seva Portal 2021

Digital Gramin Seva / Digital Seva Portal

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Before today’s digital age, if we look at the past, it is often seen that for any government work, the common people would walk around the offices or offices in long queues. As money is wasted. It will happen. But now that the situation is better than ever, technology has made many things easier for the government digital gramin seva.

The government has now opened CSC Digital Sewa Centers to the public at various locations. Because no one needs to go to the office for any official certificate, you can easily get your work done from your nearest CSC Digital Seva Center.

Let’s explain in detail what is CSC Digital Seva Center? And how do you do your job with Digital Seva Center?

There are many people across our country who cannot apply for various government schemes. The government has provided CSC Digital Seva Center to all these people. Through this article we will give you full details about CSC Digital Seva Center such as What is CSC Center? Objectives, benefits, features, eligibility criteria, required documentation, application style, and more. So if you are interested in getting all the details about Digital CSC Center, please read this article carefully till the end.

Registration at CSC Digital Gramin Seva 2021 –

The full form of CSC is the Common Service Center or the Jan Seva Center. Residents across the country can apply for various government certificates through the CSC Digital Service Center and through this center citizens can also apply for various schemes offered by the Central Government or the State Government. Every citizen of the country can open their CSC. To open the Seva Center, citizens must register as contractors at the village level. To apply for the CSC Digital Seva Center, the applicant must be at least 18 years old.

The application process for the CSC Digital gramin seva Center service is conducted online so that any citizen can apply for it from home. This online system will save a lot of time and money and will also bring transparency in the system.

The goal of the CSC Digital Gramin Seva Center –

Even today there are many people in our country who find it difficult to do anything online on their own. So, for all these people, the government has launched the CSC Digital gramin Seva Kendra system. Through this digital service program, people at the center can do their work for a small fee.

The CSC Digital Sewa Center offers a wide range of government and non-government services at an affordable and affordable price. The CSC Digital Seva Center also helps in digitizing the country. Residents can request comfort from their homes through the official website for the CSC Digital gramin Sewa Center and register with village-level entrepreneurs.

Features of CSC Digital Portal Seva –

The central government has made it much easier for people to talk about facilities in the digital service portal. Let’s take a look at some of these services. If any citizen wants to apply for any government scheme then Digital gramin Seva Center is very useful for him.

(1) Pan Card
(2) Rashaan Card
(3) Bharat Bill Pay
(4) Passport Seva
(5) Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna
(7) Certificate
(8) License
(9) Government Tax
(10) Bhoomi Registration
(11) RTI
(12) GST

In addition, various activities related to education services, health and agriculture services can also be done through CSC Digital Seva Portal.

Register at CSC Now

The Shared Service Center Scheme has been launched under the Digital Seva Portal India Program. The Seva Center Digital CSC program was launched with the permission of the Central Government to provide digital services to the public. CSC can be opened in any village and town. Currently, Digital Seva Center operates in every state of India and provides health, utility payment, education, agriculture, finance and other related services. There is no registration fee for CSC Digital Seva Center.
Register a new CSC ID.

This is an educational qualification for the beneficiary who wants to get admission in CSC Digital Seva Portal Center. The minimum educational qualification is 10th pass. Every citizen of our country can register to open a joint service center. Upon successful registration process, the beneficiary will be given a CSC ID. With the help of this CSC ID, the user can login to the CSC portal. Citizens of the country can get a better life with the help of Digital Service Center CSC.

TEC Certificate Number –

The full version of the TEC is a telecentre entrepreneur course certificate. All citizens wishing to open a digital CSC Seva Center in the country must obtain a TEC certificate. If you do not have a TEC certificate, you cannot apply to open a CSC Digital Seva Center. To get the TEC certificate, you have to take an online test after which the candidate can get the business course certificate from the telecentre.

Interested applicants must obtain a TEC certificate to open the CSC. TEC testing can be done through online mode. Interested applicants can visit this official website. CSC ID and password will be available through TEC certificate number. After taking the online test, you should wait 3 to 4 days to get your TEC certificate.

CSC Digigaon Yojana –

The CSC Digital Village VLE List has been published by the Central Government on the official website under the CSC digigaon Scheme. The scheme was launched to digitally connect every citizen in rural areas. In the first phase, six villages were selected under the Digital Village Campaign aimed at providing all governance services in rural areas through CSC. The government will provide affordable access to education, skills development, health care and more in rural areas through this scheme. Under this scheme 2.5 lakh gram panchayats will be covered.

CSC Digigaon Yojana Features –

(1) It is a multi-pronged initiative of the central government to digitally connect villages and make them (2) self-sufficient.
(3) The scheme will also create livelihood for your people.
(4) Digigaon will have all the general CSC services like Aadhaar Banking Telemedicine etc.
(5) In the first phase, the scheme will be launched in Pila, Dialpur, Chandankiari in eastern Haryana,        (6) Shivbodhi in Jharkhand and Danivari Kalan Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh.
(7) The scheme will enhance capacity building for rural industry and livelihood through community participation.
(8) Low cost internet connectivity will be provided through Wi-Fi Chopper.

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