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In terms of trends, technology, and strategies, the global market is dynamic and unpredictable these days.

Such unpredictability heightens brand competitiveness and aids in the adaptation of plans based on data-driven results and analytics.

These digital marketing techniques assist companies in expanding their reach and attracting customers through a variety of direct and indirect means.

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SEO marketing, content marketing, e-mail marketing, lead generation, and sales are some of these approaches.

However, each of these media has its own set of features that, when used correctly, may help you achieve a variety of financial and value-based rewards.

The role of digital marketing has been growing in importance for the last few years, and with the emergence of the pandemic, it has become quite evident that the world needs digital marketing.

Digital Marketing has rap evolved into a full-time career wherein an individual starts at being an Asst Manager earning approximately 3-5 lakhs per annum and rises up to the Chief Digital Officer earning around 55-60 lakhs per annum and more.


In case you’re searching for the best digital marketing courses in Kochi, you have perfectly landed in the right blog!

Here, we’ve recorded the top Digital Marketing courses in Kochi including course key factors like the Curriculum duration, costs, placements, and much more.

Before we dive into this list, allow me to help you understand the importance and career growth of the digital marketing industry.

A digital marketing course helps and benefits each individual be it a student, a marketing professional, an IT professional, a team lead, or an entrepreneur.

It has become one of those subjects that enjoy multifaceted advantages whenever learned and applied appropriately.

It also helps with speeding up the vocational development of students from all fields.

Here is a Naukri snapshot that demonstrates that there are over 1,500+ of the best job opportunities in Kochi alone, not to mention the demand in neighboring locations.


The above stats are a clear indication that digital marketing professionals prove to be important for brands.

Hence, in order to attain online superiority, more & more digital marketing professionals need to be hired.

This also increases the demand for skilled digital marketing along with the number of online and offline digital marketing courses providing their services.

Digital Marketing Online Institute in Kochi is the most cost-effective approach to learning Digital Marketing abilities from an individual perspective.

You may select the choice that best fits you because many Top Institutes of Digital Marketing provide Digital Marketing Certifications online at affordable costs.

Watch this video to learn more about the different types of roles in digital marketing.

If you reside in Kochi and are looking for the best digital marketing course, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will get to know all about the top digital marketing training institutes in Kochi.

10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Kochi

1. DigitalVidya


Digital Vidya was the first institute in India to offer public Social Media training seminars in 2009.

They launched their flagship Certified Digital Marketing Master’s Program the same year. Since 2009, DigitalVidya has developed into an EdTech firm that has trained over 60,000 people from more than 55 countries.

Digital Vidya has a strong corporate presence wherein it not only provides training and workshops for its clients, but also strives to include content production (educational videos, presentations, white papers, articles, etc.), digital marketing consultancy, large-scale talent development, and lead their economic impact programs.

Over its journey, Digital Vidya has engaged with more than 15,000 brands globally.

Digital Vidya Corporate Customer

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Nokia, Citibank, Tata Teleservices, Adobe, and other well-known names are among the companies involved.

Thanks to their proven domain expertise, substantial course material developed by industry experts, and their amazing course delivery system, they are by far the most effective digital marketing training institutes in Kochi.

About 70 highly qualified practitioners and trainers work with Digital Vidya, and the majority of them have more than ten years of experience.

The fact that these instructors are experts in a certain area of Digital Marketing is the most important trait they possess.

They specialize in SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, e-commerce marketing, and other aspects of digital marketing as a result.

There is no better collection of educators to lead you than this one.

In addition, the trainers’ ability to work together to create a curriculum is unequaled. That is exactly what Digital Vidya has done.

They engaged the expertise of the best experts in the field to create their course curriculum.

Some of the world’s most prestigious organizations, like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hubspot, and Shopify, have also verified this program to guarantee that it meets industry standards and skills.

Course Curriculum

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM/Google AdWords)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Other Digital Marketing Topics

In addition to the aforementioned Digital Marketing Course, Digital Vidya also provides specialty Digital Marketing courses, including:

  • Advanced Facebook Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Programmatic Marketing
  • Content Marketing -Linkedin
  • Media Buying and Planning
  • Adobe Analytics – SiteCatalyst
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Lead Sourcing
  • How to become a Freelancer in Digital Marketing?
  • E-commerce & Marketplace selling

Course Duration

(i) Fast Track Training – 4 Months

(ii) Regular Track Training – 7 Months


Digital Vidya also has a large Placement Cell that works tirelessly to give participants with the best-in-class placement prospects.

Digital Vidya’s placement help makes it one of the finest Digital Marketing Courses in Kochi, with 100% placement aid and a variety of internship opportunities.


      Internships are important to learn practical skills because they enable students to comprehend and apply theoretical concepts in a real-world setting.

      The internship aids in the development of a deeper grasp of the work environment.

      Internships at Digital Vidya enable students to gain practical experience in the field of digital marketing.

      After successfully completing the course, Digital Vidya now provides three internships to its students.

      Research-Based Paid Internship with Digital Vidya

      Participants in this internship learn how to use blogging to promote a business online by working with Digital Vidya’s Content Marketing Team.

      Social Media Internship With NASSCOM

      This internship requires participants to work at NASSCOM. The NASSCOM Social Media Internship is primarily a Social Media internship in which interns develop content and generate value interaction for NASSCOM’s numerous CSR initiatives.

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      Reasons to join Digital Vidya’s Digital Marketing Course in Kochi

      • Digital Vidya’s faculty comprises an expert panel of professors who also run corporate training programs and seminars in India for Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The majority of them have worked in the sector for more than two decades.
      • Instead of a single trainer delivering the complete program, modules are taught by experts in the respective topic. This broadens the scope of the learning.
      • The training curriculum is well-organized and enjoyable. It also comes with access to new materials and a variety of tools.
      • Access to the course materials for the rest of your life
      • Hands-on activities and research-based internships are part of the traditional training technique.
      • After completing the course, the company offers paid internships in digital marketing to help students further their careers.
      • We work with the Nasscom Foundation, which provides participants with hands-on experience working on real-world projects and case studies.
      • DigitalVidya delivers excellent customer service and updates on a regular basis.
      • The Questions & Answers forum guarantees that participants’ problems and complications are addressed during and after training.
      • DigitalVidya offers exclusive Digital Marketing Paid Internships worth INR 10,000 that enhance hands-on experience & skills.
      • INR 8000 Incentive on course completion from Nasscom and Govt. of India.
      • Landing Page Creator, Ahrefs Software, WordPress Mega Theme, SEM Software, and many other digital marketing tools are available for free at Digital Vidya.

      Contact Details:

      Phone: +91-80100-33033

      Email: [email protected]

      2. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)


      The Delhi School of Internet Marketing (currently owned by DigitalVidya) offers an all-in-one specialized digital marketing education for working professionals, entrepreneurs, and future workers at its training facilities in Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

      They also offer an online course conducted by an experienced instructor on weekends.

      DSIM’s mixed-method approach, which includes both classroom and online learning, is well-known. It started with a single location in Delhi and has since grown to over 15 sites across India.

      DSIM has successfully qualified over 30,281 learners since its establishment in 2015.

      DSIM has a proven track record of putting students in good employment, with many returning as mentors.

      Website design and growth, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, and other topics are among the topics covered in some of the seminars.

      Furthermore, it has started all of its sessions online over the last two years and has seen tremendous development because of its high-quality trainers.

      Graduates of the DSIM program have obtained the highest pay packages in their fields.

      DSIM has successfully taught 59000+ professionals, placed 4912+ students, shaped the careers of 10281+ people, and boosted income for 5826+ enterprises via their excellent training.

      In addition, during the last two years, it has moved all of its sessions online and witnessed remarkable growth as a result of its high-quality trainers.

      Graduates of the DSIM program have consistently received the top salaries in their areas. In Kochi, DSIM offers one of the most comprehensive digital marketing courses.

      Course Curriculum

      • Effective Email Marketing
      • Email Automation
      • Consumer Acquisition Strategy
      • Facebook Marketing
      • Facebook Advertising
      • LinkedIn Marketing
      • Twitter Marketing
      • Instagram Marketing
      • Pinterest Marketing
      • Snapchat Marketing
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Social Media for SEO
      • Mobile Optimization
      • Competitors’ Analysis on Google
      • Google Ads
      • Display Advertising
      • Mobile Advertising
      • Video Advertising
      • Advanced Campaign Optimisation

      Course Duration

      Online – 3 and 6 Months

      Reasons to join DSIM’s Digital Marketing Course in Kochi:

      • Affiliate Master Classes – Since Affiliate Marketing is one of the most lucrative marketing possibilities, DSIM ensures that its participants learn the skills necessary to become successful affiliate marketers and add another feather to their caps.
      • Practical Learning (Hands-on experience) – If theoretical information isn’t backed up with practical learning experience, it’s incomplete. DSIM uses this approach and provides students with hands-on learning opportunities.
      • Assignment, Case Studies & Projects – Theoretical understanding and practical application are mutually beneficial. As a result, DSIM places a high value on conveying practical knowledge through assignments, case studies, and projects.
      • Dedicated Placement Team – After successfully placing its students in prominent positions, DSIM considers its mission achieved. It has a functioning Placement Cell that is dedicated to attaining this goal by putting in place the necessary measures.
      • E-books & Study Materials – DSIM provides ebooks and study materials to its students so that they have all of the resources they need in one place, making it easier for them to retain information and not waste time arranging resources.
      • Lifetime Access to Resources & Updates – This ensures that the participants are up to date on all of the newest developments and trends in the Digital Marketing world.

      Contact Details :

      Phone: +91- 8800290309

        Email: [email protected]

        3. Digital Academy India

        Digital Academy India

        Digital Academy India is India’s largest digital marketing training and consultancy company.

        They provide a digital marketing course that is widely regarded as one of Kochi’s best.

        Since its inception, Digital Academy India has educated over 5,000 professionals and students across India.

        They have a clear objective of providing the best Digital Marketing Training to help people grow in their careers.

        Digital Academy India has been working diligently to give the best possible digital marketing education.

        Digital Academy India’s Digital Marketing Course covers all of the major topics in digital marketing, with a focus on practical applications.

        In order to execute, manage, and analyze digital marketing initiatives, they expand their knowledge and talents.

        Students will get both academic and practical digital marketing training to ensure that they gain the most in-demand skills for today’s fast-evolving digital marketing industry. They provide one of the best digital marketing courses in Kochi.

        Course Curriculum

        • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
        • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
        • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
        • Email Marketing
        • Web Analytics
        • Integrated Digital Marketing Communications

        Course Duration

        5 months

        Courses Provided By Digital Academy India

        Professional Courses

        • Digital Marketing Certification Course
        • Google AdWords Certification Course
        • Certified Digital Marketing Associate Course

        Short Courses

        • Social Media & Mobile Marketing Course
        • Certification in Search Marketing
        • Facebook Marketing Certification Course
        • Web Analytics Certification Course
        • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Certification Course
        • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification Course
        • Social Media Marketing Certification Course
        • Inbound Marketing Course


        One of Digital Academy’s main goals since its inception has been to give 100 percent placement assistance.

        They focus on providing their students with the best available placement help.

        Reasons to join Digital Academy India’s Digital Marketing Course in Kochi:

        • Course Curriculum designed by Digital Marketing Experts
        • Lifetime Membership to access Content
        • Opportunity to work on Live Projects
        • Learn by doing: An opportunity to work on a Live Project of your choice
        • Exclusive Internship Opportunities
        • 24*7 Support Offered

        Contact Details :

        Phone: +91-80100-33033

        Email: [email protected]

        4. AIMA


        India’s highest management organization is the All India Management Association.

        AIMA was established in 1957 with the goal of enhancing the country’s management capabilities.

        It works closely with the government, the private sector, educational institutions, and students.

        By providing a variety of skill development, training, and research programs, AIMA makes a substantial contribution to the development of skilled professionals.

        For more than six decades, AIMA has changed with the times.

        AIMA offers a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing & Analytics in conjunction with Digital Vidya, acknowledging the importance of digital marketing today.

        As it blends in-depth Digital Marketing concepts and perfect execution techniques, AIMA is one of the finest Digital Marketing Courses in Kochi.

        The course was developed by digital marketing experts and subject matter experts. It focuses on fundamental digital marketing concepts as well as analytical and execution tools.

        The major objective of the All India Management Association is to create excellent job opportunities for its members.

        AIMA has a dedicated placement team that works diligently to ensure that its students have the best placement opportunities available.

        Course Curriculum

        • Mobile Marketing
        • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
        • Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
        • Analytics and Display Ads
        • Social Media Marketing
        • Email Marketing
        • Content Marketing

        Course Duration

        5 months

          Reasons to join AIMA’s Digital Marketing Course in Kochi:

          • 100 % Placement Support
          • 24 x 7 Support through Q&A Platform
          • Lifetime Access to the Latest Content

          Contact Details :

          Phone: +91 9250127573

          Email: [email protected]

          5. Zeon Academy

          Zeon Academy

          Zeon Academy is a Kerala-based college that strives to give students the best digital marketing courses in Kochi and help them excel in their professions.

          They are a devoted bunch of people that strive to improve their students.

          The course curriculum, developed by digital experts, covers the entire spectrum of Digital Marketing, including developing Advertising Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Social Media Ads, and so on, and trains marketers to build and optimize reach to the right target at low acquisition costs.

          They provide a state-of-the-art learning environment with plenty of hands-on co-op experience on real projects.

          We follow a goal-oriented teaching curriculum that is overseen by digital marketing professionals with access to worldwide marketing courses.

          Course Curriculum

          They provide two types of digital marketing courses:

          • Basic Digital Marketing Course
          • Advanced Digital Marketing Course

          Basic Digital Marketing Course Curriculum

          • Principles of Digital Marketing
          • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
          • Inbound vs Outbound Marketing
          • Search Engine Optimisation
          • Social Media Optimisation
          • Website Planning and Structure
          • Website Auditing and reporting
          • Search Engine Marketing

          Advanced Digital Marketing Course Curriculum

          • Website and its Fundamentals
          • Website Development Using WordPress
          • SEO On-Page and Off-Page
          • Search Engine Marketing
          • Social Media Marketing
          • Email Marketing
          • Youtube Marketing
          • PPC Campaigns
          • Google AdWords

          Course Duration

          Basic Digital Marketing Course – 1 month

          Advanced Digital Marketing Course – 2 month

          Reasons to join Zeon Academy’s Digital Marketing Course in Kochi:

          • Placement Opportunities
          • Practical Training
          • Certification Upon Completion
          • Interaction With Expert Faculty
          • Live Project Experience
          • Updated Curriculum
          • On Job Training

          Contact Details:

          Phone: 089433 56405

          Email: [email protected]

          Address: Sahakarana Rd, near Broad Bean Hotel, Vyttila, Kochi, Kerala 682019

          6. Digital Skill Master

          Digital Skill Master

          Tony John, formerly known as an SEO Professor, launched Digital Skill Master in Kerala in 2012.

          For its digital marketing courses in Kochi, Digital Skill Master is an internationally known school. They have successfully trained hundreds of pupils from their base in Kerala.

          In Kochi, Digital Skill Master offers great digital marketing courses.

          It is one of the top digital marketing institutions, with over 18 years of expertise and the founder directly overseeing all digital marketing training.

          Corporate training and workshops are also available through Digital Skill Master.

          They even have programs for business consultancy. DSM also offers courses on Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization, in addition to digital marketing.

          They provide four types of digital marketing courses:

          • Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing.
          • Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.
          • Digital Marketing Certified Professional.
          • Digital Marketing Crash Courses.

          Course Curriculum

          • Introduction to Digital Marketing
          • WordPress
          • Web Hosting
          • Search Engine Concepts
          • Search Engines Optimisation
          • Link building
          • Search Engine Marketing
          • Inbound Marketing
          • Blogging Concepts
          • Social Media Marketing
          • Email Marketing
          • Types of Ads
          • Ad Networks
          • PPC Campaigns
          • Google AdSense
          • Affiliate Marketing
          • Google AdWords
          • Content Marketing
          • SMS/Mobile Marketing

          Course Duration

          • Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing – 6 months
          • Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing – 3 months
          • Digital Marketing Certified Professional – 2 months
          • Digital Marketing Crash Courses – 1 week

          Reasons to join Digital Skill Master’s Digital Marketing Course in Kochi:

          • Internship Opportunity
          • Placement Assistance
          • Certificate Upon Completion
          • Assistance and Guidance for Google Certifications
          • Practical Training

          Contact Details :


          Email: contact@digitalskillmaster.

          Address: 7/710 B Recaa Valley Road Mavelipuram Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala 682030

          7. DM Wizard

          DM Wizard

          DM Wizard is a Kochi-based institution that offers outstanding digital marketing courses in Kochi.

          Their goal is to provide as much information and knowledge to their pupils as possible in order to prepare them for the future.

          The trainers at DM Wizard have extensive international experience working with big corporations and e-commerce websites in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries.

          Through the training programs, they share their knowledge. They specialize in digital marketing education.

          Course Curriculum

          • Search Engine Optimisation
          • Social Media Marketing
          • Facebook Advertising
          • Google Ads
          • Branding
          • Online Reputation Management
          • Lead Generation
          • Introduction to Google Adsense
          • Introduction to Youtube Adsense
          • Keyword Research
          • On-page Optimisation
          • Off-page Optimisation
          • Google Tracking Tools
          • Website Analysis

          Course Duration

          4 months

          Reasons to join DM Wizard’s Digital Marketing Course in Kochi:

          • 100% Placement Assistance
          • Google Analytics and Google Ads Certificates
          • Detailed Theoretical and Intensive Practical Training
          • Expert Faculty from the Field of Digital Marketing
          • Apart from the course completion certificate, DM Wizards assists students in obtaining Google certifications.

          Contact Details :

          Phone: 090616 45457

          Address: Bhavani Building, Door No. 2 (61/453), Ground Floor, Karimpatta Rd, Ravipuram, Pallimukku, Kochi, Kerala 682016

          8. Organic Digi School

          Organic Digi School

          Organic Digi School is a Kochi-based school that aims to improve the quality of digital training for learners in Kerala.

          In Kochi, they provide both short-term and long-term search engine optimization and digital marketing courses.

          Course Curriculum

          • Introduction to Digital Marketing
          • On-page SEO Optimisation
          • Social Media Optimisation & Marketing
          • Off-page SEO Optimisation
          • SEO Tools Training

          Course Duration

          2 months

          Reasons to join Organic Digi School’s Digital Marketing Course in Kochi:

          • 8:1 Student-Faculty Ratio
          • Placement Assistance
          • Theory and Practical Based Learning
          • Multiple Globally Acclaimed Certifications
          • Individual Project Support

          Contact Details :

          Address: 24/112, Manakkatt Square, University Road, South Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala 682022

          Phone: 070340 98086

          9. Digital Pro School

          Digital Pro School

          Digital Pro School Institute is a well-known training institute in Kochi, with over 25,000 students trained.

          They have competent teachers in the field of digital marketing, and students gain valuable experience from them.
          They provide one of Kochi’s top digital marketing courses.

          Course Curriculum

          • Internet Marketing Foundations
          • SEO
          • Paid Search Marketing
          • Display Advertising
          • Email Marketing
          • Social Media
          • Analytics
          • Mobile Apps & Affiliate
          • Managed IT services.
          • Cloud-based services.
          • Product development.
          • Remote server support.

          Course Curriculum

          • Photoshop Basics
          • Social Media Marketing
          • Search Engine Optimization
          • Pay Per Click
          • Social Media Marketing

          Course Duration

          3-6 months

          Reasons to join IPSR Solutions Ltd’s Digital Marketing Course in Kochi:

          • Internship period with stipend
          • Apart from the experience certificate, you can grab 15 other certifications.
          • Training and Placement

          Contact Details:

          Address: IPSR IT Tower Illom lane, Palliam Road, Near TDM Hall, Kochi, Kerala 682016

          Phone: 0484 236 6258


            The popularity of Digital Marketing both as a strategic promotion technique and as a career option has some great scope.

            Transitioning early into this field will prove to be advantageous to every early bird.

            Today is the right time to enter a Digital Marketing Career.

            Digital Marketing Course gives students and professionals a competitive advantage to build a career in the Digital Marketing sphere.

            If you also have been looking for Digital Marketing Professional training in Kochi, those mentioned above are the top Digital Marketing Courses in Kochi – the most promising ones.

            You can also attend DigitalVidya Demo Class and see how they are different from other institutes and what value they are providing to their participants.


            1. What is the best digital marketing course in Kochi?

            Digital Vidya offers the best digital marketing training in Kochi.

            It is a leader in online instructor-led training and has endeavored to strengthen its course over time by integrating industry certifications from Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

            It also provides important internships and job placement support to students who complete their courses on schedule.

            2. How can one learn digital marketing in Kochi?

            Digital marketing courses are well worth the investment. Taking a course in the case of digital marketing is a quick and efficient approach to learning new skills or expanding your knowledge on a subject.

            Enrolling in a Digital Marketing course in Kochi that delivers a full and up-to-date curriculum while also supporting you in comprehending both academic and practical aspects of the subject is the first step in mastering Digital Marketing.

            Digital Vidya provides a comprehensive Digital Marketing Master Course created by industry experts that covers both theoretical and practical aspects of the digital marketing industry.

            3. What are the fees for a digital marketing course in Kochi?

            A comprehensive and up-to-date Digital Marketing course might cost somewhere between 20,000 and 5,00,000 INR.

            The cost of a course is usually determined by the institute where you are receiving your education, as well as the level of the course (basic or advanced).

            4. What is the eligibility for a digital marketing course in Kochi?

            For most digital marketing courses, the eligibility is graduation in any field.

            To enroll in a Digital Marketing Course in Kochi, you must have completed your education, ideally class 12th.

            If you want to pursue a postgraduate digital marketing course, you’ll need a graduate degree from a university-recognized college.

            5. Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in Kochi?

            If you get on the correct road, a career in digital marketing in Kochi can be highly lucrative.

            You must keep your drive to learn alive and go for the stars.

            You should never be pleased with where you are in your digital marketing job; there is always an opportunity for improvement. There are around 1500 Digital Marketing Jobs available in Kochi, according to Naukri.